Our Team

As a result of the 30th anniversary of the Torneo de Benidorm (28th and 29 May 2016) was activated the 2nd period of Viator Barbarians, with the same idea and illusion since it beginning. The illusion that team had at the beginning took it to be a national and an international guide, even some of the players that took part of the team became as part of the Spain national team.

This 2nd stage started with the one clear goal that was that young promises, with a huge potential and illusion for the Rugby 7, could compite with prestigious teams. Accompanied by this, we achieved that our national team coach could follow them with improvement reports. Also we count on the collaboration of F.E.R. coaches and referees.

Who starts the project?

This project is composed of a combination of people who, firstly as players and then as coaches, have been a model in the national rugby 7.

All of it without forgetting of the companies which collaborate with the illusion of this project:



  • Benidorm > Semifinalist (Semifinal against China National Team).
  • Madrid > Tournament champion.
  • Pamplona > Tournament champion.
  • Rusia > Silver Cup champion “European Beach Fives Rugby”.



    • Benidorm > 2nd position (Final against Pre-Olympic Morocco National Team).
    • Valencia > Tournament champion.
    • Madrid > Tournament champion.