Viator Celebrates 25 Years: A Unique, Emotive And Familiar Gala

Viator celebrates 25 years: A unique, emotive and familiar gala

The last 16th of July Viator celebrated 25 years in sport field with a commemorative act that gave a brief review of the years that this company of Elche has…

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Mª Carmen Martínez: Creating Trends Since 1990

Mª Carmen Martínez: Creating trends since 1990

Mª Carmen Martínez Gómez (Elche) Position: Designer She is more than 15 years creating esthetic, capturing colours, lines or pictures with VIATOR corporate philosophy. More than 15 years being responsible…

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Robson Nascimiento: From Proffesional Football Player To Trade Representative

Robson Nascimiento: from proffesional football player to trade representative

Robson de Jesús Gomes (Río de Janeiro) Position: Trade representative in Albacete and Madrid His routine is composed by training, travelling, playing games and resting. Indoor soccer was the passion…

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