You can make your purchase in VIATOR STORE for 24 hours a day 365 days a year, from any computer with Internet access, through our website.

The purchase process is very simple, to find the product you want to buy you must enter the catalog, where you can see the different categories of sports we have, from there you can select the amount of items you want to buy and click on “Add to cart” . Once this is done, you can continue adding garments (continue buying) or formalize your purchase (place order). If you choose to place the order follow the steps of the purchase process (Billing address – Shipping address – Shipping method – Payment method).

To be able to place the order and formalize your purchase, you can previously create an account as a customer, for which a registration form accessible from “My account”, “Create account” is offered. In this way you will obtain a password that will help you to make successive purchases, from that moment, without the need to re-register. With the password obtained you can modify your personal data whenever you consider it appropriate, accessing your personal data, from the customer panel. When you formalize the purchase you will receive a message confirming the order in your email. This message will be accompanied by a complete proof of your order that we recommend to keep to avoid possible errors in the reception of the order. Once the order has been formalized, you can not modify the details of the order from the web. The contract will be formalized in Spanish. For any questions, contact Viator by phone 96 543 11 41 or email