1989 – 2015

What is Viator?

VIATOR is a family business with 25 years of shared history made with quality, commitment, professionalism, proximity and tradition.

In VIATOR we are specialized in the textile sector. We design and manufacture high quality sports clothes y and we are specialist in the customization of sports team clothes.

Viator is a latinism and its translation is walker. This curious and fitting word is related to the Valeriano’s family for their neighbours by the end of nineteen century. Valeriano’s history and his nickname marks the roots and the character of the future generations.Valeriano had to go across a long distance during seven days to get the medicines for her sick wife to cure.Due to his achievement, their neighbours give the nickname as WALKER and his nickname continues until the recent days in the Morales family in the VIATOR Latin version.

An essential story to recognize the origins and work philosophy and sacrifice of the current business, founded by Juan Morales, the Valeriano’s great-grandson.


With more than 15 years of experience in the sector, the Juan’s entrepreneurial spirit took him to run his own business. Taekwondo enthustiast, Juan bet personally for the sportive clothes.And he didn’t spend so much time to pick his rewards up.. Large brands like Kelme, Kappa or Puma ordered him the samples of different clothes sets. The proffesionalism of the company grew by leaps and bounds and all that lead into a new business company: VIATOR.

Curiously, rugby was the first sport that Viator handled, then athletics which is now spreading and one of the most productive in terms of customer confidence. Later, the Albacete Balompié (which it moved up to the football first división in Spain) was one of the recognized clients in the football sector, a sport  that allows VIATOR to expand it in the whole territory.

Made in Spain

With a certain mass media coverage, Viator confronted to a particular dilemma which marked the vital philosophy of the business: betting for the local manufacturing or for the Asian one. The company not only bet for the 100% national manufacturing but also it defines a particular style book:

Product customization with high quality materials and an own control of all the production stage, from sewing to printing.

A philosophy that involves all the country for two decades, when in one of the tags showed a meaningful sentence: “Made in Spain: the Spanish products cures the unemployment”.

Spreading without losing the essence

Recently, Viator is still growing without forgetting it roots. Even then, the company focus on the Iberian Peninsula, where covers all the territory. A fact that doesn’t prevent from VIATOR goes away and the brand can be known in countries like France, England and Brazil.

If maintaining the country bet is essential for the company, also is preserving the familiar spirit.. From parents to children, all of them put their knowledge to the service of the business. Similarly it is done by the nearby of 40 people who are members of Viator, some of which have a great work experience in the company.